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Sumner Wa

Our home for over 40 years!

Serving Sumner, WA for over 40 years!

Home to our family for nearly 50 years, we love Sumner, WA! The rich community and beautiful streets lined with antique shops remind us of home, and home is exactly what we are here for! Your family, pets and friends spend much of their lives indoors. We place a high importance on providing a clean environment for them to live in. Do you know how many little pests, bacteria and viruses can be hiding in your furniture and floors? If you really want to scare yourself, check out this fun list of facts about carpets!

As a family owned and operated business, we know how important your family’s health is. That’s why we recommend having your carpets steam cleaned annually. Not just carpets, though! Your furniture, mattresses, even tile and wood floors can also harbor bacteria and should be regularly treated.

But why us? Not only have we been carefully cleaning homes for 40 years, we approach your home with the same love and care that we’d clean our own. Our value of choice is integrity: we stand by our work, and our customers will vouch for this. If you’re ready to get your home cleaned, give us a call at (253) 709-8504. We are honored to be your choice!